The Do’s and Don’ts of BlogBash

While you’ve all mastered social media etiquette, a few folks have wondered what the culture is like at BlogBash. We’ve compiled this helpful list of Dos and Don’ts to help you have the best evening possible.


Do: Dress to impress. We know you spend a majority of your blogging-life eschewing pants, so look at this as an opportunity to show everyone what you’ve got… or cover what you haven’t got with a nice suit…
Well, wear what you want, but hint hint.


Don’t: Try to impress. Put your shoulders back. Take a deep breath. We’re all friends here. Be yourself! If people like your blog, they’ll like you, too.


Do: Make friends. Find your favorite twitter personalities and bloggers, introduce yourself! IRL!


Don’t: Spend all night staring at your iPhone screen. Tweet hilarious quotes, Twitpic photos of yourself with your favorite bloggers, but at some point, make a little eye contact, you social media addict.


Do: Let your friends know how much fun they’re missing


Don’t: Let your friends think you can get them on the list. Sorry—we’re totally at capacity!


Do: Be the life of the party.


Don’t: Drunk blog.


Do: Cheer on your fellow bloggers during the award period of the evening—everyone has worked hard this year, show them your love!


Don’t: Be afraid to introduce yourself to the “VIPs” and sponsors.  They are friendly, outgoing, and love to meet bloggers like you.
Do: Bring a camera.
Don’t: Bring a voice recorder.
Do: Ask permission to take pictures or video someone, as this event is off-the-record, unless consent has been given.
Don’t: Worry.