2012 Award Winners: James O’Keefe

James O'Keefe, 2012 Sunlight Post Award Winner

James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas, has been a staunch fighter in the conservative movement for many years and has been the source of exposing fraud and abuse in organizations and programs including Planned Parenthood, NPR, and Medicaid.  James is most known for his 2009 investigation into ACORN; his findings, including systematic corruption in many offices, as well as the facilitation of human trafficking and child prostitution, led to Congress immediately voting to defund the organization and the U.S. Census breaking ties with it.

Project Veritas is an organization with the goal of training up and encouraging citizen journalists.  People of all ages have been encouraged by the work done by Project Veritas and James has been a source of help and advice for many in the movement.  At last year’s Blog Bash, James was awarded with the Best Sunlight Post for his work, “New Hampshire Voter Fraud Exposed.”

The affect the award had on James’s career was substantial.  At that time, Project Veritas was conducting an investigation into voter fraud in New Hampshire, including deceased people remaining on voter rolls.  After James received the award at Blog Bash, the investigation gained attention and legitimacy and, as a result, New Hampshire went on to pass a voter ID law, citing James’s video as one example of the need for it.

Asked how important bloggers are in the new media world, James replied, “Bloggers are the one weapon to break the alliance of government and media trying to protect the status quo.”

James views Blog Bash as a “great opportunity to meet others who appreciate independent journalism.”  His favorite part of Blog Bash?  “The 80s music.”