2012 Award Winners: John Sexton

johnsextonBlog Bash 2012’s award winner for Blogger of the Year as well as the winner of the Best Investigative Post award (for a photo story he did on Occupy L.A.) answered some questions about how he feels about Blog Bash and bloggers in general.  Below is an interview with Breitbart writer John Sexton.

– How did winning the awards affect your blogging career?

I really didn’t have a career, I had a time-consuming hobby. There just isn’t a career path for blogging. In fact, blogging has some similarities to the business model outlined in the underpants gnomes on South Park. Phase 1 is write a lot. Phase 3 is profit! But phase 2 is always pretty fuzzy. In my case, I think the awards helped fill in phase 2. My first discussion about a job happened about 30 minutes after I won.

– How important are bloggers in the new media world?

Bloggers are a significant part of the news cycle though the amount of blog-based material that makes the leap to the major media still heavily favors the left. We definitely have a voice in framing the debate, correcting errors in reporting, and adding context.

– What has Blog Bash meant to you in the past?

Blog Bash has been a good experience for me, especially last year for obvious reasons. I’m grateful to the other bloggers who thought of me for the award. Having the respect of peers whose work I really admire is as good as it gets.

– What was your favorite part of Blog Bash?

I was talking to Duane Lester, aka All American Blogger, about comic books and suddenly my name was called. No one had told me to expect anything so it was a great surprise and made for a fun night.

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