2012 Award Winners: RB Pundit

RB Pundit - 2012 Best in Show, Twitter award winner


Below is an interview with 2012’s winner for Best in Show,¬†Twitter award, RB Pundit.


How did winning it affect your blogging career?

I got a lot of new followers on Twitter. A bunch of people I’d never interacted with before sent me “Congrats!” tweets. From a blogging perspective, I did notice that there was an uptick in the number of people who read and tweeted out links to my posts. A lot more comments on the blogs too, at least for a while.
How important are bloggers in the new media world?
If I’d have to pick one word it would be “critical.” Bloggers add the much needed context / discussion around a story. Old Media, and their bias, is well known even though the Old Media (and the Left) tries really hard to deny it exists in any significant way. Bloggers are the ones yelling “Hold up! That’s not the whole story!” or “Oh? You’re really going to just parrot the preferred Democrat narrative?” at the Old Media.
New Media, in my view, is the merger between what used to be called journalism and interaction / discussion. Those interactions used to be done on a smaller level. There would be a news story and people would talk to people they know (family, friends) about it. New Media takes that discussion outside those boundaries and facilitates a broader exchange of ideas.
New Media is what those old “information superhighway” ads were about. Remember those? I think blogging is what really drives the flow on the information superhighway and bloggers are the moderators shaping where the attention is focused. At least in theory.
What does Blog Bash mean to you in the past?
¬†I’ve only been to one. It was an awesome experience. Basically, my twitter timeline (at least a good chunk of it) came to life. It wasn’t just words on a screen anymore.
What was your favorite part of Blog Bash?
My favorite part was also the saddest part in retrospect. Andrew Breitbart was there. He was always surrounded by a big group and I intended to introduce myself at some point, but never got the chance. But the fact that I was at a party with Breitbart – yes, go ahead and call me a fan boy – was surreal.
Choosing one favorite part isn’t really fair, though. Obviously, meeting so many conservatives who are out there trying to make a difference was amazing. The whole event was my “favorite” part. And getting an award I really didn’t think I had any business being nominated for was pretty cool.