Rep. Tom Price to Mingle with Citizen Journalists at Blog Bash


Congressman Tom Price (GA-6)

Blog Bash is proud to announce our first 2013 VIP, Georgia Representative Tom Price!

Rep. Tom Price said this about Blog Bash:  “I look forward to attending Blog Bash at CPAC this year to honor the very important work of members of the National Bloggers Club and enjoy the company of fellow patriots,” said Congressman Tom Price. “Now, more than ever, we must foster a conservative movement unified by our common vision to restore America to its constitutional parameters of limited government and individual freedom. Bloggers are on the front lines defending these conservative principles each and every day, and I am especially grateful for their contributions to our shared cause.”

A staunch defender of conservative values, Rep. Price isn’t afraid to stand up and make a difference.  He will be joined at Blog Bash by many other well-known elected officials, commentators, and bloggers, which include several nominees for the 2013 Blog Bash awards.

“Dr. Price is dedicated to reform in the U.S. Congress,” said Blog Bash co-host, Ali Akbar.  “As a former Georgia resident, I can personally attest to Tom always doing anything he can to empower different groups and activists — that includes bloggers. He truly understands the power of the blogosphere and I’m proud to have him as a guest of the National Bloggers Club. Attendees couldn’t be more excited in welcoming him.”