Breitbart Blogger Scholarship: Win $500 Grant at Blog Bash

Shortly after Andrew passed the National Bloggers Club, a group whose Board he planned to serve on, held the first tribute memorial in his honor in Washington D.C. We called it #RememberBreitbart. Today, we work to keep his legacy alive.

Our part of his legacy we hope to ensure is his blogging work. He inspired everyone to be citizen journalists. He emboldened the youth and muckrakers. He fiercely defended truth-tellers and whistleblowers. That is why we created the Breitbart Blogger Scholarship.

At Blog Bash this year, we’ll award $500 to the person who gives the best story pitch. Make it something Andrew would love. He said he was willing to be our editors if we would be brave and take on the “Democratic media complex.”
The review board will go through the submissions and choose the winner. That person will be notified before Blog Bash this year and then be publicly announced that night.

Breitbart Blogger Scholarship Award

Here's your chance to pitch a story that Andrew Breitbart would've loved. Please be between the ages of 16 and 24. Prize: $500 announced at Blog Bash at CPAC 2013 and tons of extra goodies.

You do not have to be present at Blog Bash or at CPAC 2013 to enter and/or win. The review board does not consist of any National Bloggers Club Board members or Blog Bash Hosts. It’s our way of ensuring this is a top-notch process.

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