Brett Kimberlin is After Blog Bash Attendee Aaron Walker’s WIFE

The Left’s war of intimidation against bloggers has reached a new low, as Aaron Walker reported today that his wife was “stalked” by notorious progressive activist Brett Kimberlin.

Now, the breaking news that Aaron was able to share with me last week is public on his blog: Brett Kimberlin – who spent 17 years in federal prison after being convicted as Indiana’s infamous “Speedway Bomber” – showed up at a Maryland court house and began photographing Walker’s wife.

While Walker was attending a March 1 hearing and his wife was in their car in the parking lot outside, Kimberlin “circled the vehicle, looking into its interior and at my wife,” Walker wrote at his “Allergic to Bull” blog. Walker said Kimberlin “drove around and then parked in the space directly facing my wife … and started taking pictures or filming her.”

 This at face value appears to constitute criminal harassment. It downright turns my stomach.
I’ll be damned before I allow Kimberlin and his cyber-thugs shut up even one blogger. Blog Bash will go on. Lee, Mandy, Robert, Aaron, John — most of his victims will be there.
When I meet Aaron for the first time in person on Wednesday, I plan to share with him all of the names that have generously protected him and reinforced our right to speak freely.
What’s next? Stand with Bloggers. With Aaron. Take to Twitter. #BrettKimberlin must be exposed!


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