What is Blog Bash?
Started in 2010, Blog Bash is the largest gathering of right-of-center bloggers at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. The event was started in 2010 by bloggers for other bloggers attending the conference and has become the premiere after-hours event during the annual conference week.

We are fully independent of CPAC and the Republican Convention but have a strategic partnership with both to ensure bloggers are taken care of at their conferences.

When is Blog Bash?
Blog Bash 2016 will be held in July at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, OH.

What happens at Blog Bash?
Blog Bash works as a networking event to introduce vetted and credentialed bloggers from around the country to political figures, organizations and campaigns. Bloggers attending the event know that the sponsors and VIPs are engaged and willing to work with the blogosphere.

Who organizes Blog Bash?
Blog Bash is a project of the Foundation for National Bloggers Club, Inc., which works to educate, provide access, and equip citizen-journalists to uphold the principles of the First Amendment and advocate for economic and individual freedom. Blog Bash is held in partnership with CPAC during non-presidential election years and at the RNC Convention during presidential years. Blog Bash and the National Bloggers Club, Inc. are both independent of the American Conservative Union and the RNC.

How did Blog Bash start?
In 2010, Blog Bash started as a way to offer a free meal to bloggers attending CPAC and help defray costs for the expensive trip to the conferences.

Three bloggers — Melissa Clouthier, Ali Akbar and Aaron Marks — came up with the initial idea and hosted the first Blog Bash on February 18, 2010 with just a few thousand dollars in donations from digital media firms and prominent conservative organizations inside the Beltway. It has since expanded to include sponsors from all over the nation and now boasts and annual attendance of 400-500 people.

Who is managing Blog Bash in 2016?
This year, the original founders of Blog Bash, Ali Akbar and Melissa Clouthier, will host the event. They are joined by Julie Germany, Erik Telford, and Anita MonCrief as co-hosts.

Blog Bash is entirely planned and produced by professional volunteers contributing their time and resources. The Blog Bash team is comprised diverse individuals ranging from experienced communication veterans to emerging youth leaders.