Nominate Blogger of the Year Awards

The Blog Bash Awards remain the only of their kind. Fifteen awards will be presented at our annual gathering where nine of the awards will be chosen by peers in the blogosphere. This academy-style system ensures that the most prized awards in the movement are entirely controlled by peers in the field.

During the nomination period (January 19th – February 2nd), bloggers will be able to nominate other bloggers, two journalists, and a blogger outreach professional. Organizers will whittle down the entrants down to a selected few, usually taking the most popular entries. Those selected few will be publicly announced on this website and via press release. The official nominees will be voted on by bloggers and allies via secure e-mail. Results will be certified by a third-party and presented online at the end of February. Awards will be mailed to the winners. This year, Blog Bash will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in late July.


  1. You must be a writer, reporter, or blogger in order to nominate someone.
  2. The year in question for the awards is 2015, not for January or February 2016. Please make sure that if you’re nominating a specific post, it happened during the 2015 calendar year.
  3. The Blog Bash board reserves the right to disqualify entries if they suspect foul play, spam, or that that entry doesn’t meet the minimal ethical requirements required to be qualified to win a Blog Bash award.
  4. Blog Bash Hosts and the Blog Bash Director are not qualified entrants.
  5. Paid journalists and news organizations are not qualified. This definition is determined by a number of factors.

Ready for the fifth annual Blogger of the Year awards at Blog Bash? We need your help nominating award recipients who earned awards for their work in 2015 in the following categories:

Activism Post

Investigative Post

Sunlight Post

Best Non-Profit Reporter/Blogger

Best in Show: Podcast

Best in Show: Micro-blogging (Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook posts)

Best in Show: Video

Blogger Outreach Professional/Advocate of the Year

Journalist of the Year


Awards that will be chosen by panel include:

Blogger of the Year

Legacy Award

Best State-level Blogger

Andrew Breitbart’s Changing the Narrative Award

Friend to Bloggers Award (The Julie Laughridge Award)

Bloggers Stand With…


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the National Bloggers Club.