How Do I Vote For The Blogger Awards?

Yesterday, we were able to announce the nominees for the 2014 blogger awards. It’s a selection from a very talented blogosphere, submitted and voted on by peers in the blogosphere.

Hi, my name is Danielle Saul. As a young professional activist who admires so many in the blogosphere, I couldn’t be more excited about having the opportunity to administer this years awards on behalf of the National Bloggers Club and Blog Bash 2014. This year, with eligible voters having the opportunity to vote before the March 6th event itself, the academy will submit more votes than ever before. It’s a very challenging task, but my team and me are up to challenge!

We intended voting to go live today, however that won’t be the case. Academy voting won’t be able to vote until Monday, February 24th. That’s next week. Voting will stay open for only 48 hours, instead of 10 days like we had originally planned.

But that’s okay. We are credentialing voters for the academy over the next 5 days.

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Who is Eligible to Vote?

Who is a part of the largest (and only) political bloggers academy? Good question. In years past, only bloggers at Blog Bash were capable of voting. Now we have four categories people all over the country can meet in order to participate!

  1. Be a National Bloggers Club member. You can check on your membership status with my team by emailing If you’d like to become a member, please fill out this form: There’s only a 12 hour wait time before you’ll hear back form us!
  2. If you are not eligible of becoming a National Bloggers Club member or choose to pass on the opportunity, you must be a 2014 CPAC credentialed blogger and a Blog Bash 2014 blogger attendee. That means that ACU should have you credentialed AND you will have to have your Blog Bash eventbrite confirmation by Sunday afternoon.
  3. For the first time ever, sponsors will have a say. Each sponsoring organization gets a single vote. That means one! Sponsors contributing at the “Company sponsor” level and above should give a single email address to the Blog Bash host (Julie, Erik, or Bill) and they’ll get that information over to my team which will be plugged into the system allowing you to securely vote online on Monday. Please email if you’re interested in becoming a new sponsor.
  4. Obviously, Nominees are allowed one vote. Please make sure we’ve emailed you already or get your contact information to us!

If you feel that you meet a different standard, please email me. Your request will be passed to the National Bloggers Club board where exceptions can be granted. We understand that some folks are in the gray area or may be a quasi-blogger-quasi-professional-journalist or maybe be larger than a label altogether. And you don’t have to support us for us to support you!

The awards belong to the blogosphere community whom support individual and economic freedom. We want as many bloggers that fit into our mission voting!


What’s the Process After I’m Eligible?

We’re combining our four lists based on the criteria above–that means hundreds of eligible voters. From there we will plug it into our secure online voting portal, when voters will receive an email giving them a unique token allowing them one vote. Your vote is protected too. Nominees, Blog Bash hosts, and not even myself at first glance can track how you’re voting.

Please whitelist ( to ensure the email coming to you reaches your inbox and not your spam folder!

If you are among the few that is granted an exception, your votes will be manually tallied in a different system where you will not be anonymous to voting coordinators.


So make sure you’re a National Bloggers Club member (apply here: or that you’ve credentialed yourself into both CPAC and Blog Bash 2014. That way, come Sunday night, I’ll be plugging your name in so you can vote on the 2014 nominees!

Go find these nominees blogs, Twitter handles, and Facebook pages. They’re already campaigning for your vote!

Now click here to shoot our a tweet letting bloggers know they are eligible for this awesome opportunity.