2015 Team

Melissa Clouthier | BlogBash.orgMelissa Clouthier
Melissa is a blogger. She has written at iVillage, ProteinWisdom, RightWingNews, RedState, PajamasMedia, DC Caller. Melissa writes at her own blog MelissaBlogs.com and owns the podcasting site LibertyPundits.com where she has a personal podcast The Right Doctor and a podcast with Andrew Malcolm, politics writer at Investors Business Daily called Malcolm & Melissa. Melissa also microblogs (aka: tweets). She loves social media and bloggers and helping people learn to do these things to promote the conservative cause. Melissa is also a chiropractor who practices with her husband in Texas. She has three kids and two dogs. Last year Melissa joined the ranks of dirty consultants, founding Slingshot Communications. Follow Melissa on Twitter:  @MelissaTweets.


Ali Akbar | BlogBash.orgAli Akbar
Ali is the President of the National Bloggers Club, Inc. He got his political blogging start on MySpace where he was ranked as one of the most popular political bloggers. Remember, it was popular once upon a time. Ali is the CEO with Vice and Victory Agency, LLC, a firm specializing in political marketing on the digital medium as well as general public affairs and coalition building. He is the Publisher of ViralRead.com, published by the content arm of his operation, Pundit Syndication. Never missing a moment to fight the establishment, he was one of the first few National Tax Day Tea Party coordinators in February of 2009, building much of the technical infrastructure that led to the most successful protest in American history—with at least 1.2 million people attending in 81 cities organically. Follow Ali on Twitter: @ali.


Julie Germany | BlogBash.orgJulie Germany
Julie Germany is the Vice President of Grassroots Activism at Generation Opportunity. In her free time, she serves on the board of White Coat Waste Project, as well as on the board of the Army Heritage Center Foundation. She previously served as the Vice President of Digital Strategy at DCI Group and the Director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet at The George Washington University. She co-founded the mCitizen Summit, as well as the CampaignTech conference with Campaigns & Elections magazine. Julie lives in Alexandria, Virginia, where she and her husband spend their free time herding their four cats — Patches, Jasmine, Bert, and Ernie — and their dog Violet, whom they rescued from an animal research lab. Follow Julie on Twitter: @JulieG.


Erik Telford | BlogBash.orgErik Telford
Erik Telford serves as Senior Vice President at the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity. He previously served as Executive Director of RightOnline, which he founded, and Director of Membership and Online Strategy at Americans for Prosperity. In 2009, Telford co-founded the New Media Exchange, in partnership with Americans for Tax Reform. Along with Ericka Andersen and Bill Murphy, he contributes to Right Social Daily, a blogger and social media newsletter. On April 15, 2009 he was named Keith Olbermann’s #2 Worst (“Worser”) Person in the World on MSNBC’s Countdown for his role in the Tea Party Movement. Follow Erik on Twitter: @BlameTelford.


Adrienne Royer | BlogBash.orgAdrienne Royer
Adrienne Royer discovered “web logging” in 2003 when Professor Glenn Reynold’s Instapundit.com was featured in her marketing class at the University of Tennessee. She then turned to one of her friends and said, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” One week later, she started her own political blog.

Adrienne serves as the Digital Communications Strategist for CMDI, a software company for Republican campaigns and fundraising. Previously, she oversaw the launch of CampusReform.org, worked on too many political campaigns to recall and then discovered a love for designing infographics while working at FAIR on immigration issues. Follow Adrienne on Twitter:  @AdrienneRoyer.