Terms of Service Agreement

As an attendee, you are entitled to amazing benefits, including:

    • Free food
    • Drink tickets redeemable for beer or wine (or a non-alcoholic beverage)
    • Access to the Blog Bash “gift store” where you are able to take goodies donated by our sponsors

In addition, there will be elected officials, candidates, and many other popular leaders in the conservative movement.

In order to be admitted to Blog Bash, you must show a printed ticket and a photo ID. Due to the limited space and high-profile attendees, security has been retained and will only admit the person whose name is on this ticket.

Please review these notes prior to attending:

  • Please leave your bags in the hotel room before you come to the party.  Space will be limited.
  • Please do not bring guests, as security will enforce the official guest list, and no guests will be able to be added at the event (no matter what a volunteer has told you).
  • RNC Credentials will not get you into the party and does not substitute for government-issued photo ID.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry at the door and/or ask any guest to leave during the event.
  • You, the attendee, agree to take personal responsibility for your actions at the event.
  • Good faith. You waive the right to sue Blog Bash, it’s hosts, staff, and the National Bloggers Club, Inc.

All pictures, videos, media taken at Blog Bash is also property of the National Bloggers Club, Inc. Sum of it: you agree that by entering our party, we may use, license, manipulate, whatever any pictures, videos, what have you taken at our venue. This obviously includes any pictures you take. The short of it: we like to make photo albums of our good times.

Please contact us  with any questions or concerns leading up to Blog Bash by emailing director@blogbash.org.